Demolition of the Bloods

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Demolition of the Bloods

Post by Premier Panther on Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:55 pm

Final SA 22-6-138 WA 10-7-67
Can't remember us kicking this high a score in recent times. Followed the game online as unable to make it this week.
Who attended? Looking forward to hearing assessment of the game...whoever was there?
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Re: Demolition of the Bloods

Post by saintal on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:51 pm

SA 22.6 def WA 10.7 by 71 points.

Goal Kickers: B. Eddy 8, B. Haren 3, S. Overall 3, C. Hitchcock 2, N. Schwarz 2, D. Bass, X. Gotch, R. Barnes, M. Rankine
Best Players: B. Eddy, J. Veide, C. Hitchcock, X. Gotch, T. Redigolo, N. Schwarz

Goal Kickers: S. Green 2, T. Stubbs 2, L. Hill, T. Silverlock, O. Johnson, T. Tuck, A. Fielke, M. Middleton
Best Players: K. Stevens, D. Caire, J. Schiller, H. Haysman, C. Schmidt, T. Stubbs

South very good again today. Kicked two goals in the opening minutes and didn't look back. Mucked around and got a bit flashy at times in the 2nd, but responded after the break to play some of the best footy I've seen from a south side in a long time to kick 7 goals to 1.

Playing a more direct, attacking style so far when compared to 2015. Much easier on the eye. Eddy enjoyed not having Keogh as an opponent, while Overall and Haren have both been much more effective so far this year. Veide was very busy and broke the lines while Redigolo did little wrong in defense. Schwarz's best game at senior level.

Somewhat surprisingly the Bloods won the rucks/clearance numbers fairly convincingly. Apart from that though they were terrible. South certainly looked the hungrier outfit.

Typically small crowd, maybe 1500-1600.


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Re: Demolition of the Bloods

Post by Andos Mullett on Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:44 am

We smashed em. Early wins are so important.

Andos Mullett

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Re: Demolition of the Bloods

Post by scott on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:54 am


Our first 100+ score since the 1st SF against Sturt in 2014.

Our highest score since the high-scoring golden year of 2006. Round 23 v Glenelg at Adelaide, where we won 157-108 in the pre-finals play off for 5th spot.

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Re: Demolition of the Bloods

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