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Brad Crabb

Post by blueandwhite on Fri May 06, 2016 9:56 am

I certainly hope that as many as possible will be at Hickinbotham tomorrow, not only to see us have a win against the Redlegs but to help celebrate Brad Crabbs 150th game.
Brad who is the current club captain is the epitome of a loyal club man. He came across from KI as a junior and worked his way through the grades, played quite a bit of reserves footy before finally cracking the league side and despite a few hiccups along the way has persevered and become one of the best tall defenders in the league.
We all love the undying spirit he demonstrates, his never say die attitude and his willingness to impose himself on the contest and his opponent.
Like many others have done , Brad could have found it all to hard and shifted down the road to play for a few bucks and train one night a week. He didnt, he applied himself and IMO has improved with every year , and the responsibilty that goes with the captaincy has certainly helped his game get to another level.
I think even in our darkest times,(hopefully they are behind us now) Brad always showed that he gave 100% in each contest, no less, even when the odds were overwhelming, and the losing margins were horrendous, and others gave up, thats thing I admire most about the man.
I recall speaking with Brad after his 50th league game, and he lamented that he'd only played in 7 winning games! Times have changed and so has the landscape since that time. So lets all hope that the captain who wears his heart on his sleeve can stick around for a few more years , hopefully enjoying some well earned success.
Good luck for Saturday Brad .

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Re: Brad Crabb

Post by B&W63 on Sat May 07, 2016 10:32 am

Well said he's a terrific bloke, in fact it is great that such a decent guy can excel at the hard tough physical defensive side of footy.
Its a testimony to his character that he has stuck through the hard times for both him personally and at the club to succeed as he has. He has also added a more attacking side to his game.
He is an excellent choice as captain and deserves every success.
Top bloke!

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