South v North

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South v North

Post by saintal on Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:59 pm

South 15.9 def North 10.8

South Goal Kickers: B. Eddy 7, J. Trembath 4, R. Newell, C. Hitchcock, R. Barnes, J. Veide
South Best Players: B. Eddy, A. Gulden, D. Bass, J. Cross, N. Schwarz, N. Liddle

North kicked the opening three goals but South had the better of the play from there on, 9 points up after a very uninspiring half of footy.

The game opened up after the break and was good to watch, a 5 goal lead trimmed to 2 by the visitors before two examples of Eddy 'magic' sealed the result.

Eddy again proved why he's the most talented forward in the comp and Trembath was handy after half time. Having said that our forward line doesn't seem to have the same balance/spread as it did earlier in the year. Great to have Bass back, the big fella collecting 21 touches.

Highlight of the day was seeing 17 blokes making the effort to congratulate 100th gamer Veide on his late goal.

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Re: South v North

Post by Premier Panther on Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:35 am

Thanks Saintal, fantastic summary.
Eddy is having an awesome year...really glad now he chose to stay with the club end of last season, when I know there were other offers on the table.
Yes it was ironic Veides kicked the last goal (great team gesture) & had last possession of the game....congrats on 100 games....very much underrated & deserves the accolades for his contribution.
Reserves also hung on for a win also...did anyone know how Sammy Overall went?.... he was in the side & in form when our forward line was on fire earlier this season.
Premier Panther
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