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Season 2016

Post by blueandwhite on Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:08 am

We are now entering the pointy end of the 2016 season. We started the season with a bang- some very solid wins at home especially pleasing seeing we've struggled at home in recent times.
Lately we have got the wobbles a bit, with a particularly disappointing loss to the Bays. Although the Bays certainly have improved, given they defeated the Crows on Sunday as well.
The byes that have littered this seasons fixture havent helped at all, but Im hoping that last weeks bye has given us time to regroup, re engage , set goals for the rest of the season, and above all come out breathing fire against Centrals on Saturday.
We are in a fortunate position where from now our destiny this year is in our own hands. From here on in it will be the playing group who decides where we finish this year ,currently we arent relying on the outcome of other games..
We are in a position to really press on and cement the double chance- essential IMO - because the odds show that it is difficult to win a flag from 4th or 5th. On the other hand, we can stumble and bumble into the finals in in 4th or 5th spot - play one final, lose and its mothballs. No- one ever remembers who finished 4th or 5th..3rd or 2nd for that matter.

So its 52 years since this proud old clubs last flag in 1964.
As a rusted on supporter I can tell you..I can name every player in that side, the number they wore and the position they played, and I wasnt even there to see the game, I was too young.Since then we have seen a lot of players wear the jumper we love - some of them dead set champions but none - none have won a Premiership with our club.Its fair to say we got close a couple of times in 79 and 91..but really getting close is not something we should celebrate.

Will the current group of players change all that, change our history of under achievement? or will they just be a list of names who played a few games with moderate team success?
The opportunity is there..its now.
Its time.

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