You are not alone

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You are not alone

Post by ispy on Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:10 am


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Re: You are not alone

Post by blueandwhite on Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:57 am

No you are right....but Centrals and South were alone when they voted NO.

Here are a few of my observations on this issue,and it begins right back when the 2 AFL clubs decided they wanted in for their reserves teams in the sanfl. It was pretty clear right from the start the sanfl commission wanted them in too.

1. Initial soundings were that the sanfl clubs were about 50/50 on letting the Crows enter the sanfl  before the vote. The vote needed to be at least 6-2 in favour to go through.

The Crows ,on hearing this decided to throw out a bit of a carrot, to the tune of 400k to the cash strapped sanfl  and its clubs.In submissions to the sanfl clubs the Crows also assured them that 4000 spectators would attend every home match- another financial windfall!
the sanfl-which really liked the idea of $400k dropped into its coffers decided to waive the sanctions on 2 sanfl clubs (no voters) who had been penalised for salary cap breeches the previous year; in exchange of course for...shall we say a more open view on the vote. The 2 clubs literally changed their vote to YES overnight.
The issue needed 6 yes votes to go through and the sanfl and the crows bought them with a cash carrot and a few promises and assurances.

2. The reality is that  the introduction of the 2 afl reserves teams into the sanfl has been an absolute disaster.The competition is compromised; it can never be a level playing field when you have 2 teams with 6m dollar football dept budgets playing against guys who are basically part timers.  The afl teams have massive advantages in terms of conditioning , recovery and sport science. They have training, weights and skill sessions daily, they have a strict dietry regime and hordes of trainers , physios and support staff.

3.The sanfl has had to alter its programme to suit the requirements of the 2 afl clubs, so it doesnt clash with their AFL team. So much so that this year we had a farcical situation where we had an 10 team comp with 5 byes!!!???

We also had the situation at Norwood earlier this year where Norwood were playing West in a reserves game before the Norwood v Crows. The reserves game was deep into the last quarter and 2 Crows officials stormed the timekeepers box and stopped the game 4 mins before time.It didnt matter that there was only a few kicks it it to decide the result; because time constraints meant that the crows wouldnt then have time to do "their" warm up- which must preceed every game they play. It was also a disgrace that the West reserves team were told to stay on the oval until the crows finished their warmup- returned to the dressing room to recieve their final instructions and re- enter the arena, then after about 15 mins total the west players were then allowed to enter the changerooms.

4.The 400k that the Crows are paying the sanfl equates to $50k per sanfl club. That almost...almost covers the financial disasters that are home games for sanfl clubs against the Crows.So much for 4000 spectators!!-its more like 4!,if you take out the legion of trainers and support staff.So much for the financial bonanza the sanfl clubs were promised.The Crows attendance at the Elim final was by far the biggest for the year, in fact may have been larger than the sum of all minor round matches.

5 sanfl membership numbers have crashed, all sanfl clubs are in dire straights financially. gaining new sponsorship is extremely difficult, with the core focus being on Adelaide Oval, the Crows and Port Adelaide.

6. The Cam Ellis- Yolmen affair. The Crows selected CEY to play in their match against West coast knowing full well that in doing so ,it would make him ineligible to play the following week in the sanfl. This is the sanfl rule , and like it or lump it it is the rule. The Crows of course knew that if they leant on the sanfl through an appeal they would fold like a pack of cards, the same as they usually do.

7. The 2 AFL licenses were owned by the sanfl who sold them back to the clubs a year or 2 ago. When the licenses originally came into being the sanfl decided to form a comittee to police and govern them- it became known as The sanfl commission. Prior to 1991 the league was run by the clubs each with a representative delegate ; this group is still in existence . It seems to me that the sanfl commission is now running the show with the league delegates having vitually no say ... which is a disgrace. It seems to me that there is a lot of bureaucracy and the tail is wagging the dog. I think the league shoud go back to where it is run by the clubs themselves, with a more streamline approach to grassroots needs and issues.

The current situation is a disaster. Something needs to change and quickly or our beloved sanfl is doomed.

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Re: You are not alone

Post by darley16 on Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:23 am

All good points B&W. I was prepared to see how it went before judging, after 3 years i'am kinda okay with them being in the comp. However, their needs to be adjustments made to level out the playing field, as much as this is always going to be tough to achieve. There must be AFL player restriction to 15 or 16 players only, and/or limit the AFL teams rotations to 60 per game with 90 rotations for SANFL clubs.
Their presence hasn't hurt the standard of the comp it is their imbalance of power that frustrates us. I like many others will be seething if they beat us on the w/end, but my sense of outrage would be much less if the changes suggested were put in place, and these changes surely aren't too hard or too much to ask and would provide a more acceptable outcome.


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Re: You are not alone

Post by saintal on Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:13 pm

Great post/rant BW. Unfortunately a lot of the predictions made by the "No AFL in the SANFL" crowd have transpired. It irks me to see media types who pushed the reserves agenda back in 2013 (after all most of the local media is a mouth-piece for the AFL clubs) now begin to realise that the arrangement is deeply flawed. You didn't need to be a genius to predict this- just take a glance at the VFL, WAFL or NEAFL. Others in the media continue to be blinded by their AFC allegiances.

I dont think you'll find too many SANFL members/regulars who aren't concerned about the future of the league. This is in contrast to the 'head in sand' approach seemingly being adopted by those running the league. The likes of Jake Parkinson can point to facebook likes and app downloads all they like, but attendances/memberships are the lifeblood of a sporting club and competition. More people are getting scores off the app because they aren't bloody going.

The league's management of the comp leaves a lot to be desired. Run a decent website, utilise technology more effectively, arrange a draw that will optimise attendances and actually promote the comp as a cheap, local alternative to the big league.

The Ravens add very little to the comp. Yep, the much spoken about $50K. Heath Younie leaving a recent game at 3/4 time, and Phil Walsh's admission that key players were rested in last quarters of games last year indicate that winning the comp predictably isn't their prime objective. Reserves teams belong in reserves competitions.

Alberton crowds dropped nearly 25% this season as more of the old Magpie faithful begin to realise they are watching a reserves team and the good old days are long gone.  

I copped losing to Sturt on the chin on Saturday. They were too good. If we get done by the Ravens, the array of emotions will be far wider, as was the case after the 2014 prelim. It's not healthy and it really tests the loyalty of supporters- some of which have obviously had enough and walked away.

Politics, egos, money and sport is never a winning combination.


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Re: You are not alone

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