Big Loss to Sturt....How will we respond?

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Big Loss to Sturt....How will we respond?

Post by Premier Panther on Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:27 pm

What do you make of last weeks loss?
Was it just an off week...players dropping form?
OR is this a true indication of exactly where we are at? (A competitive team that will challenge for the finals, but will make no impression in September)?

For all us supporters it was a shock & remincent of dim dark days gone by.

More importantly how will we respond against an AFL stacked Magpies Team?

As a long term supporter & member I'm expecting a statement to be made on the field this week.

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Re: Big Loss to Sturt....How will we respond?

Post by B&W63 on Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:31 am

Many of us were unsure what success to expect this season but until last game our form was very good and showed signs of continued improvement.

Initially our best form was excellent but there were lapses where we let the opposition back in the game. Overall a strong winning spirit was there regardless of loss of players through injury or availability.  A very positive attitude was growing and we had become a team that was hard to beat.

Sturt managed to bring that strong physical pressure that they used to beat us in the finals last year and our team game and structure disappeared. The next step it seems to me is for us to increase our strong team tackling pressure and physical presence at the fall of the ball and particularly at ball ups. We are missing the likes of Veide Gulden and Redigolo but we need to overcome that. This is a critical part of the season.

It was a very poor effort made more embarassing by inability to score goals and I am expecting a vastly better effort this week in a tough game.

Go you mighty Panthers Mad


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Re: Big Loss to Sturt....How will we respond?

Post by Panther74 on Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:56 pm

Worrying signs last week versus Sturt.

Big ask this week versus a once again stacked up Port side.
Sadly, I think we might be in for a tough ride the next 3 weeks - Port, Eagles and Norwood.


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Re: Big Loss to Sturt....How will we respond?

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