End of 2017

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End of 2017

Post by prowler on Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:13 pm

Well we bombed out this year and it will feel kind of strange not having to get ourselves into gear each Saturday morning and head off to the footy.

No reason now, not to get all those little jobs around the house finished, like painting, window washing, gutter cleaning, pulling weeds, tidying up the shed, and your list will get longer and longer the more you stop at home.

So, where did it all go wrong after the first 6 weeks, it really did start going pear shaped after the bashing that we got from the Magpies and it took some time to recover, very poor efforts against North, Glenelg, West and Centrals. Of the top five, Sturt and Magpies were the only teams to really trouble us, is that a mental thing or are we just not good enough to compete at their level.

What do we need next year in players that are going to take us there. Do we continue to look interstate, raid some of our rivals, or encourage a few of the locals to show us their worth, and of course there are some good prospects at U/18 level that need to be nurtured.

And of course if there is anything that the Panther community should know, use this forum to keep us all informed. (and no red herrings)

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Re: End of 2017

Post by lappy on Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:14 am

Hi Prowler your memory is like mine we beat Centralls twice both times easilly we were pathetic against glenelg north and west in the second round they stick out to me where i thought we were favourites, Ill be supporting our under 18s

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Re: End of 2017

Post by B&W63 on Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:42 pm

Funny season looking back. we had a good start even with lapses we won the close ones and I thought we were improving. From the Eagles 1 point loss it went downhill.
Then we seem to lose confidence and self belief and those lapses became longer and our best disappeared. Injuries had an effect and we lost our ability to kick a winning score.
Finishing the season we again played some really good footy but it was too late.
Our best is good enough to worry anyone but we couldn't afford to lose Haren Overall Seccull etc as well as Eddy.
I reckon that with some Under 18s pushing up next year together with some youngsters that have had a taste this year e.g Szust Fairlie plus Aurrichio Raitt etc our depth will be better. Hocking will feel more at ease with the situation and I also see that Keegan Brooksby has been delisted so perhaps he will come back.
Anyway lets get behind the Under 18s


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Re: End of 2017

Post by saintal on Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:24 am

Apparently these guys are moving on:

Ah Chee

More to come I'd imagine.

Rolfey was one of my favourite Panthers to watch over the past decade. While he played just over 100 games, countless injuries prevented him from doubling that figure. Kicked some magnificent running goals over his time and was a great clubman.

Ah Chee hardly sighted in the seniors since 2013.

Barnes unable to recapture his 2016 form this season.


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Re: End of 2017

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